Birth Certificate for Kenyan children born abroad

A Birth can be Registered only if the following conditions are met:

    1. Application for Registration of the Birth outside of Kenya of a child who is a citizen of Kenya can be made by any person having knowledge of the birth.
    2. Documentary evidence should be produced in proof of the birth. A note of the kind of documentary evidence needed is given below.
    3. This form should be signed by the applicant and, where there is a Kenya Mission in the country abroad, countersigned by a member of that mission

Documentary Evidence (for No. 2 above)

The documentary evidence to be produced of the birth may be a certificate of birth issued by the
appropriate authority in the country abroad, with an English translation of the certificate if it is not in English; or, if certificates are not issued in the country abroad, a certificate of the birth given by the Doctor, Midwife or other person who attended the birth.

Where a person is unable to produce satisfactory documentary evidence, the application may still be completed and forwarded to the Registrar, who will advise what alternative evidence may be accepted.

When completed, this application should be sent to –

Kenya Embassy Washington D.C
2249 R ST NW


    1. Duly complete Form BDA 1.
    2. Certified or Notarized copy of child’s Foreign Birth Certificate.
    3. Copy of child’s Foreign Passport (if any).
    4. Applicant above the age of maturity (18 years and above) should show proof of Dual Citizenship Disclosure.
    5. 2 (two) copies of BOTH parents’ Kenyan passports, Birth Certificates and 2nd Generation ID cards (if one parent is non-Kenyan – Certified or Notarized copy of Foreign passport and birth certificate).
    6. Processing fee of $50 – Money order / Cashier’s cheque only ( Payable to Embassy of The Republic of Kenya).
    7. A self addressed stamped envelope for the return of your documents.The envelope should have enough postage for: FedEx, Express Mail, Certified Mail or Priority Mail with delivery confirmation (NB: UPS, Metered stamps and Regular mail are not acceptable) .

FORM (Click on the link below to download)

Form BDA 1