Interior Cabinet Secretary's update on Westgate siege


We stand by Kenya, world leaders tell President Kenyatta


Leaders to Kenyans: Let's unite and defeat


Government update on Westgate mall terror


Donations for Westgate Mall victims


Following the terrorist attack at Westgate mall in Nairobi, the following paybill numbers have been set-up to receive donations for those affected by the attack:
1. Safaricom M-Pesa paybill number 848484;
2. Airtel paybill number #redcross on airtel money;
3. M-Pesa account for Diaspora donations:
Ø Recipient Phone Number: 0702848484
Ø Recipient Name: Westgate Incident Donations
Kenyans living abroad can now send Money using International Money Transfer (IMT) agents like Western Union by either visiting their website or visit nearest agent. The website allows individuals to send money online using a Visa® or MasterCard® credit or debit card straight to MPESA.


Our thoughts have been with the Kenyan people, especially our friends at the Kenya Red Cross Society and the Kenya Embassy Washington D.C. We got to know them this summer through Dr. Mohamud Sheikh Nurein Said, who serves as the Governor (President) of the KRCS and is the 2013 recipient of the NPCA Harris Wofford Global Citizen Award.


Source:Facebook : National Peace Corps Association's status.



Our gallant multi-agency security forces continued their operations overnight.

They have rescued a few more civilians held inside the mall, but a few still remain. We are unable to give precise figures at this stage. But we can confirm that our disciplined forces are up to the task and have been
extremely careful to find the balance between neutralising the attackers and getting as many people to safety as possible.

The death toll remains 59 and 175 injured. Some NGOs have given a higher death toll, which we believe to be incorrect owing to the possibility of double-counting. Some of the dead have already been released to their families for burial. We will in due course provide the number of foreigners killed in the attack.

We would like to bring to the attention of Kenyans the following important information:

• First, we would like to warn Kenyans against providing false information to security agents on either people they believe are trapped in the mall or any other information as it takes away from the core task of bringing this siege to an end.
• Secondly, we would like to warn Kenyans against conmen. All Kenyans and other well-wishers are advised against sending monetary donations in respect of Westgate Mall to various MPesa accounts popping up everywhere. Please send money using only accounts published and verified by Government.
• Thirdly, we wish to assure Kenyans that security at all entry and departure points – including airports and the seaport -- in the country has been significantly raised.
• Fourth and lastly, we urge all Kenyans and people of goodwill to remain calm and vigilant. We thank all Kenyans for their support during this difficult time.

Thank you.

Nairobi 23 September 2013
11:30 am



Briefing on the Westgate Mall Terror Attack (7 photos)
Addressing the press alongside Former PM Raila Odinga and Former DPM Musalia Mudavadi at State House Nairobi.


Fellow Kenyans,

I thank all of you for staying strong and for being there for each other's sake as the tragic ordeal at the Westgate Mall enters its second day. You continue to be heroic in many amazing and heartening ways. As a nation, we speak as one on this. You can see here former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and other national leaders ... in and outside Government.

We are a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society. Our diversity is also our strength.

Sadly, the evil and cowardly act of terrorism has claimed 59 lives and injured more than 175 people. Let us all continue to keep all the affected people in our thoughts and prayers, even as we reach out with a helping hand. I want every bereaved family to know that I mourn very deeply with them. No one should lose their life so needlessly, so senselessly, and no family should have to receive news that their loved one has been killed by a criminal bunch of cowards.

As your president, as a leader and as a Kenyan, I feel the pain of every life we have lost, and share your grief at our nation's loss. My nephew and his fiancee are among those who died in this attack. These are young, lovely people I personally knew and loved. Many of us have lost loved ones. Let us mourn them all as one nation, and keep them always in remembrance and prayer.

To those who have suffered physical and psychological wounds I offer words of comfort and encouragement. Please know that my Government and multitudes of well-wishers are united in one resolve: to see you through this painful and confusing moment. Take heart that you are not alone as you bear your hurt; we are praying for your quick recovery.

Owing to the professional response of the various security agencies at the scene and the selflessness of countless Kenyans, more than 1,000 people were rescued from the Mall and attended to. We continue to rescue more. This is remarkable and encouraging. I am aware that many have expressed impatience over the pace at which the situation is unfolding. Whilst I empathise with your anxiety at seeing the matter concluded as quickly as possible, I ask for your understanding as well.

There are 10 to 15 armed terrorists inside the building as well as many unarmed, badly shaken, innocent civilians. We have reports of women as well as male attackers. We cannot confirm details on this. Our security analysts are looking at that. Our multi-agency response unit has had to delicately balance the pressure to contain the criminals with the need to keep our people still held in the building safe.

Obviously, the outcome has not been ideal, but I am satisfied that our disciplined forces have responded in as professional and effective manner as the circumstances have allowed. I also ask Kenyans to remember that these officers are putting their lives on the line for the greater good. Therefore, give them due consideration and prayer. The Inspector-General of the Police Service, David Kimaiyo, remains in charge of the situation. Teams from the Kenya Defence Forces have supplemented the intervention. The criminals are now all located in one place within the building. With the professionals on site, I assure Kenyans that we have as good a chance to successfully neutralise the terrorists as we can hope for. Let us allow them space and time to do their best.

I have received calls from world leaders offering their words of comfort and solidarity. I have also received numerous offers of assistance from friendly countries, which are under evaluation. For the time being, however, this remains an operation of the Kenya security agencies. I thank all our international friends who have reached out to us and stood with

The Al-Shabaab terror group have claimed responsibility for this cowardly act of terror on social media. However, investigations are underway to conclusively establish those responsible for this mayhem, so that we can have full accountability. They shall not get away with their despicable, beastly acts. Like the cowardly perpetrators now cornered in the building, we will punish the masterminds swiftly and painfully.

I call on Kenyans to stand courageous and united. Let us not sacrifice our values and dignity to appease cowards. Our victory must be conclusive. Let us defeat them with our unity. By responding quickly and generously to distress calls, we have triumphed. By standing in long lines all over the city to give blood, donating money through our mobile devices, buying and distributing food, blankets and beverages to the affected, we have ashamed and defeated our attackers. Let us continue to wage a relentless moral war as our forces conduct the physical battle. We shall triumph. As I asked you yesterday, please continue helping, and continue praying.

Thank you. God Bless our Beloved country.




The First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta has issued a message of condolence to the victims and families of the #Westgate siege

I have learnt and followed with deep sadness the events a WestGate Mall this afternoon.

I cannot imagine the grief of those who have lost their loved ones and the anxiety of those whose family members are injured or missing. But with my family, I join all Kenyans in prayer and to offer words of comfort and encouragement.

I pray for divine consolation and reassurance for the bereaved, and for the quick recovery of the injured.

Families always have people out engaged in various activities, and we always pray for their safety, expecting to meet them afterwards.

Terrorists violate this expectation with their lowly and cruel acts. As a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend, what happened today is heartbreaking.

It is more painful than words can tell and more heartless than humanly imaginable. I share the outrage of the people of Kenya at this assault on our society and values. It should never happen to anyone, anywhere.

I join Kenyans in full solidarity, not only to relieve the pain of those affected, but also to help return our lives to normalcy as soon as possible.

Our courage, compassion, selflessness and goodwill have defied their evil designs. As a society, we are wounded and we weep; but as a nation, we must rise and prevail.

I encourage all Kenyans to do what they can to relieve the pain and anxiety of the affected and their families. Let us be there for each other.

I also join the people of Kenya to thank those who have been selfless and strong for those affected by today's tragedy. By assisting in rescuing, treating, reassuring and comforting the afflicted, you have been heroic in a touching, unforgettable way.

Please keep up all the good work. Let us all continue to donate blood at the hospital to help the injured and to pray for them, and for our country.

God bless you.

God bless Kenya


First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta


Statement on Westgate Shopping Centre shooting
Remarks of Marie Harf, Deputy Spokesperson Department of State Washington, DC

September 21, 2013
"We are following closely the attack underway at Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The situation is ongoing.

We condemn this senseless act of violence that has resulted in death and injury for many innocent men, women, and children. Our condolences go out to the families and friends of all victims. We have reports of American citizens injured in the attack, and the U.S. Embassy is actively reaching out to provide assistance. Due to privacy considerations, we have no further comment on American citizens at this time. The Embassy is also in contact with local authorities and has offered assistance.

Local media reports that around 10 gunmen attacked the mall, which is frequented by expatriates in an upscale neighborhood of Nairobi. Reports indicate the attack occurred around noon on Saturday, September 21. There are media reports that 26 people have died and at least 50 have been injured. The Nairobi Chief of Police said the attack is a terrorist act, and we would refer you to the Kenyan Authorities for additional information."


Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade's status.