Members of staff at Kenya Embassy in Washington DC bid farewell to outgoing Ambassador Elkanah Odembo and his family


Ambassador Odembo arrived in the United States in July 2010 to take up his Ambassadorial duties as the Kenyan Ambassador to Washington DC after having served a term of one year and a half as Kenya's Ambassador to France.

During Ambassador Odembo's three years in Washington DC he will be remembered for opening up the Embassy to members of the Diaspora and for his initiative to form the Kenya Diaspora Councils (KDCs) which was to act as a platform for the Diaspora to engage amongst themselves and with the Embassy.

The Ambassador also encouraged members of the Diaspora to engage in advocacy work in order to strengthen congressional ties and bring attention to issues affecting Kenyans in the US.

Ambassador Odembo will also be remembered for his passion for sports in which he ensured that the Mission was actively involved with visiting Kenyan athletes, organizers of Marathon's, Road races, and Kenya Rugby Sevens.

Members of staff wish Ambassador Odembo and his family all the best in their future endeavors.